With Alan being away for work for weeks and weeks at a time I have found a new passion in my life.

I am totally in love. I am trying to come up with a cute nickname for my new fixation, suggestions gratefully received!

As some of you know my favourite thing indoors is my dishwasher. I love dishwashers. Washing dishes is my least favourite pastime, way more unliked by me than peeling potatoes and putting away groceries and I loathe both of those as much as I hate shopping. I drive Alan nuts because I will put recyclables like tin cans and empty jars through the dishwasher before setting them out for collection. If it’s not nailed down I put it through the dishwasher. If it doesn’t move for more than five minutes, in the dishwasher it goes. I have been known to put plastic bags through the dishwasher. The cats have learned to hide.

Now I have a favourite outdoors friend. Our roof needs to be redone, we have the scaffolding and have ordered the underlay and arranged for the shingles – going with dark forest green this time. What we are lacking is the manpower with Alan only home one and a half days a week so that will have to wait until September. But I had also been getting a bit down about the siding. It was becoming dusty and grimy and on the north side of the building, a wee bit green and mossy. But my new beau has come in, all power and brawn, and now that I can I turn him on several times a day, he just blasts it all away. I love, love, love it.

Allow me to introduce: The power washer! I love this guy. A little on the short side, about 2 foot tall at most, and fashion sense… he favours a bright yellow plastic jacket but I can live with that because when it comes to doing the thing that he does so well…. wow!

I am only just started. The siding is half done and during the week I will blasting the heck out of both decks plus the little one by the main door to the house. Next weekend I will get Alan to show me how to use the power sander and smooth the surfaces down again and then go buy deck stain/sealer. I am on a roll!