Well ages ago I did have that op on my hernia and my baby faced surgeon did a wonderful job. I can’t tell you how good I felt as I woke up and that awful pressure was gone.

Meanwhile my young looking doctor (I’d love to hate him for that but he is rather sweet) tells me that even after all my weight loss I am fat. Sigh. I am in size four (US) jeans/skirts and medium tops and have lost two cup sizes to get down to a 36 or 38 D or DD cup bra depending on manufacturer. But being the good girl that I am, if an authority figure like my GP says I am fat, then I will and do jump back on the anorexia wagon. Stupid? Of course. Inevitable? Of course.

Alan is still back at Sears though we literally trust that from day to day. We know that they could axe again any time any where any how. AS long as his card swipes through as he enters the building we feel OK for the next 15 minutes.

OK to all you encouraging people/nagging friends? yes I will try to blog more often.