Sadly it looks like we won’t be getting any spectacular colours on the trees, I think it has been too warm. But I have been harvesting veggies from my garden and started to think about Christmas. My thoughts tend to ramble, much like my writing. See below.

As I was driving to Belleville last week I thought

“I saw a great recipe for spicy caramel pumpkin seeds for Christmas snacks in this months LCBO mag. I need two cups of seeds, so two fairly large pumpkins…. then the seeds are boiled, covered in the mix and then roasted, they’d make lovely little gifts when we are invited over to friends and family over the holidays if I bought some pretty jars and ribbons…. But that’s a lot of pumpkin….. I could make pies and freeze them, not sure how well they freeze, is there gelatine in them, hmm might have to think about just pureeing and freezing but not making the pie mix…. I could make soup. I could make pumpkin curry. Wonder if we have enough freezer space, especially if I am getting in a turkey and ham before the holidays….. and then there’s all the veg I am still harvesting…. suppose I should have grown a couple of pumpkins…… the seeds sound good though we don’t eat that kind of thing….come to think of it we don’t eat pies…. come to think of it neither of us actually likes pumpkin….. sweet or savoury…. sod it, won’t bother.”

Anyone else go off at a tangent and have conversations with themselves like this? I do hope so.