So we have no government as of yesterday noon. Can’t say that I have noticed anything. The sun came up this morning. I could still breathe. But there you go.

I worked hard, paid my dues and studied and passed the test to be a citizen of Canada and taking the oath that day was lovely, even though I would rather have pledged allegience to Canada the country and not to some woman who happened to be born into the right family at the right time, I guess you will have guessed I am not a monarchist, not that I wish her ill, I just think the whole system is archaic and ridiculous. But I digress…..

Will I be voting in the next Canadian election? Yes. I will vote for whichever party does the least negative advertising. I going to start making note. I no longer work so I watch TV. Every negative, hateful ad about the opposition will get a negative mark. Any that actually state what they WILL do for us if elected will get a PLUS mark. At the end I will tally them up and regardless of my political views I will vote for the party who states what they actually stand for against the ones who do negative ads. Anyone with me here?