For many years I have said it is only a matter of time before restaurants will be required to have signs saying

‘Don’t stick the fork in your eye. It really hurts.’

The day is coming. The EU has decided that footballs must have a warning stamp that they may be a chocking hazard.’ Seriously? Whatever bright spark came up with that must have some funny looking big-mouthed kids.

The US has already outlawed Kinder eggs because the little toy could be a choking hazard. Do parents not watch their kids any more?  They allow guns, bullets, bows and arrows and let their youngsters drive honking big powerful cars in their mid-teens but Heaven Forbid letting a chocolate egg and a plastic toy in.

Is it just me or have others watching a made-for-tv movie actually said aloud to the actress on the screen ‘With all the made-for-tv movies you’ve been in honey you would think you would recognise the psychopath by now.’


Just me then……………