Discovered this week that the sweetest sound in the world after the sound of your baby giggling or your husband snoring (and I mean that) is the  the hum of a fridge/freezer and the whoosh of a toilet flushing!

Power went out on Wednesday and did not come back until early this morning – today being Sunday.  No electricity for us means no running water so after hearing from Hydro how enormous the problem was and how long the outage was likely to be I had to check into a hotel. On my own on the Thursday, with Alan getting back from Toronto  and joining me on Friday evening.

Of course every cloud truly does have a silver lining. The Fairfield Inn includes a free continental breakfast. I don’t eat breakfast but I do like apple juice.  So down I went to the lobby and it was teeming with loads of very attractive men of all kinds of ages. They were wearing jackets with bright orange crosses on the back.  I asked one what that was for and he explained ‘So people can see us and not hit us as we work.’  I realised they were all Hydro One guys from all over Ontario here to fix the lines.  A pleasant view to start my day as I sipped my apple juice.  I did thank a table of them as I left to go back to my room. No, I didn’t thank them for the view nice though it was, I said thanks for the work and long hours they must have been doing to get us all back up and running.  Thus being polite and probably convincing them that this crazy little old white-haired lady had probably escaped from some secure facility somewhere.  There is something rather splendid about being an aging British eccentric, especially one with Canadian citizenship to boot.  A multi-national eccentric little old lady. Just enjoying the view.

Alan got back from his week in Toronto and fell into my arms.  OK maybe slightly.  OK maybe for a moment or so. There’s me wearing a smile, sexy underwear and Chanel Number 5 and what is Alan doing?  Studying the room.  It was a lovely room, very nice indeed, especially as they had upgraded me to a suite.

Alan:  “So …. that’s odd, I wonder why the wall steps out a tiny bit just there? And look, that floating kind of thing just below the ceiling…. to house water pipes maybe? Why not put them in the ceiling. The ceiling is nice. Flat and not that swirly stipple that was the norm a couple of decades ago.  I wonder what’s behind the space to the right of the TV/entertainment console….. Have you looked at the windows on the rooms that are at a right-angle to ours?  And then looked at the length of the corridor?  It seems out of kilter….. I wonder why they only have one sprinkler?”


I love him to bits but sometimes the man drives me crazy.


Though to give him credit he did soon appreciate the smile and so on 😉