Getting hot here, mosquitoes out in force though Alan was the first to be bitten, he killed it so feels somewhat vindicated. Meanwhile I was a wicked wicked wicked Mummy yesterday. Alan woke up with a migraine – no not a hangover LOL – and had to go back to a dark bedroom with heavy duty drugs. The only thing he can do when it is this, is sleep. Suddenly the driveway alarm starts dinging and donging and dinging and donging because these idiots decided to park and pray or something right by the detector and it woke him out of a good deep sleep. I was ticked off!!!!

Little old ladies getting out of each side of car

Me on deck

Me: ‘What do you want?”
Her: Isn’t it a lovely day
Me: It is, what do you want?
Her: So nice out here.
Her: We want to invite you to a party to celebrate Christ’s……
Me (interrupting): Are you Jehovah’s Witnesses?
Her: Umm yes
Me: You PROMISED ME PROMISED ME last year when I explained in a very distressed state that I
find your constant badgering to be harassment and you PROMISED me you would put me on a list and
I would not be bothered for at least 3 years and I was, as always for the past 13 years, very polite and said thank you and NOW you are back less that 6 months later?
Her: Ummm we didn’t know
Me: Well you should know. You have the list.
Her: Have we offended you in some way?
Me: YES. I am completely offended. You harass me on my own property, you cause my husband pain because he has a headache and has worked a very long week and is trying to sleep. I am completely offended by you, your belief system and your lies when you promised not to come back for 3 years. You are liars and as far as I am concerned a cult and from what I have heard peadophiles.
Her: Ummmm
Me: BUGGER OFF!!!!!!

Can’t believe I did that but I finally lost it and got so cross. I have no doubt I will now be inundated by JW callers or we will be blackballed by local companies because the JW have a lot of sway around here but boy… it felt GOOD!!